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VFC/Umarex Glock 19X CO2 GBB - Coyote

2.099,00 kr

Hi-Capa 5.1 Split Side Pistol Vorsk

1.899,00 kr

Hi-Capa KP-06 pistol

1.499,00 kr

Glock 17 Gen.4 CO2 Pistol

2.199,00 kr

Hi-Capa 5.1 Split Side Pistol Black (with BDS Sight) Vorsk

2.199,00 kr

Glock 17 Gen.4 Pistol

Muzzle Velocity (0.20g): approx. 295 fps (0.80 Joule) The mentioned value has been measured by ourselves and will be frequently remeasured. Variations of +/- 10% or more are possible. Suggested Gas: Standard Performance Green Gas 500ml (Nimrod) / Professional Performance Red Gas 500ml (Nimrod)
2.099,00 kr

NE2101 Full Metal GBB

1.999,00 kr

Revolver Full Metal Co2 Low Power

Dan Wesson 8 Inch
1.399,00 kr

Glock 19 Metal Version GBB

2.099,00 kr

Hi-Capa 5.1 Full Metal GBB

1.499,00 kr

SSX23 v2020 GNB

1.349,00 kr

Glock 19X Metal Version GBB

2.199,00 kr

AAP01 Assassin

999,00 kr

Rhino 50DS Co2 Revolver Black (Chiappa)

2.099,00 kr